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2019 Event Schedule

2019 Event Dates

8th – 2019 Registration Opens
12th – SoCal PreSeason Meeting
TBD -Nevada/Las Vegas Area PreSeason Meeting
2nd SoCal – Eval/Classification/Clinic
9th Nevada – Eval/Classification/Clinic
16th SoCal Area
23rd SoCal Area
23rd Nevada/Las Vegas Area
2nd SoCal Area
2nd Nevada/Las Vegas Area
9th SoCal Area
16th SoCal Area
16th Nevada/Las Vegas Area
23rd SoCal Area
30th SoCal Area
30th Nevada/Las Vegas Area Championships
6th SoCal Area
13th SoCal Semis
14th SoCal Semis
27th ADLA Champs at APU
LAUSD Percussion Showcase/Clinic/Day of Percussion – TBD
SoNev Post Season Meeting – TBD
SoCal Post Season Meeting – TBD

All dates and locations are subject to change.

ADLA Store

The new ADLA Store is open and taking orders.   Get your t-shirts, hats, hoodies and other ADLA goodies at our new online store.

ADLA Store


2018 Raffle – Winning Tickets

Here are the winning raffle tickets in draw order.  We will update this list as prizes are selected/redeemed.

We’d also like your feedback and input on the 2018 season.  Subscribe to our mailing list and we will send you a survey in a couple of weeks with all the survey details.

The first ticket drawn will have choice of 1 of the 12 raffle prizes.  The second ticket will have choice of the remaining 11 raffle prizes…and so on down the list.

To claim your prize you will need to contact us via email or cell/text to provide proof of winning ticket and coordinate with us receipt of the prize.

We would like to also thank the sponsors who provided these great raffle items and make it all possible – Mapex, Pacific Crest Youth Arts Organization, Synergy Percussion, Lone Star Percussion, Jim’s Music, and Steve Weiss Music.

Drawn Ticket Numbers:

  1. 0587752 – Mapex Drum Set
  2. 0587780 – Rose Bowl Tickets
  3. 0393746 – $250 Steve Weiss Gift Certificate
  4. 0393483 – Synergy Mapex Snare Drum
  5. 0417911 – Jims Music Mapex Snare Drum
  6. 0587476 – $100 Lone Star Percussion Gift Certificate
  7. 0587809
  8. 0587633
  9. 0393413
  10. 0587722
  11. 0393277
  12. 0393579

Please contact us immediately if you are holder of a winning ticket and thanks again.

Thanks for your support of the raffle.

cell/text: 714-512-2116

2018 Championships Program

This year there is no charge for the program and it is available electronically at 2018 ADLA Championship Program.   Keep it handy on your phone/device and be sure to visit our partner/sponsors sites while viewing the program.