What division should I register my ensemble?

You should register for the division that most closely matches your ensemble’s skill set. You can find a brief description of the divisions HERE.

*IMPORTANT – If you are registered to compete in a national-level event, such as a WGI Regional or similar, you must register in the same division in ADLA.  Put simply, if you compete in Scholastic A at a regional, you must register for Scholastic A for ADLA.

I’m not competing in a national-level event, can I register my ensemble in Scholastic A, Scholastic Open or scholastic World?

We highly recommend that you understand what is expected of each division and choose the one that most closely matches your ensemble’s skill sets. A great way to check if you’re selecting the correct division is to ask yourself, “If I did a WGI regional, would I be comfortable competing in this division?”

Further, there is a minimum score required for ensembles in the Scholastic divisions to perform at Championships.

My ensemble competed in novice last year. Can I register my ensemble in novice this year?

Novice is intended for ensembles with the most beginning skill sets, design, and demand as well as designer, instructor and performer experience. Therefore, ensembles are not permitted to compete in Novice for more than one year without a review. Please send an email to eventreg@myadla.org to learn about this review process.

My ensemble is a Junior/Middle High School. Am I required to perform in the Junior Division?

We would prefer you perform in divisions with similar age groups, but ultimately that decision is your choice.

My ensemble is an Independent Ensemble. What division should I register?

If you are competing in national level events, you should register in the same division here as you compete in at the national level events.

My independent ensemble does not compete in national level events.

We recommend registering in Independent A.

My ensemble does not March. What division should I register?

Either Scholastic Concert or Junior Concert.   

I’m still not sure what division I should be registering my ensemble.

Drop us an email at eventreg@myadla.org with as much information as possible and someone will help identify the best division for your ensemble.

How does the promotion process work and how am I notified?

More information coming soon.

Can I challenge ADLA’s decision to promote or move my ensemble to a higher/lower division?

More information coming soon.


When will registration open for 2019 events?

Registration for 2019 Events opens on Monday, October 8, 2018 at 10:00am.

Click here for more information about how to register your ensemble.


Is there a season membership, early registration or Priority registration fee?
How is my ensembles performance order determined for regular season events?

Performance order is determined by your paid registration date and whether you attended the Director/Instructor Pre-Season Meeting.

What does it cost to register for an event ?
Is my ensemble required to attend the classification/evaluation show?
Is there a deadline to register for semifinals/finals?

Yes, March 1.

Am I required to attend the preseason or post-season Director/Instructor meetings?

Attendance is not required. However, there is a lot of important information that may impact your ensemble so it is in your best interest to attend. We also value your input which has a direct impact on future decisions.

I registered my ensemble but my ensemble is not appearing on the performance schedule for the event. Why is that?

This usually means we have not received payment.   Email eventreg@myadla.org  immediately so we can help resolve the issue.


How many ensembles from each division will be advancing to championships?

We will do our best to accommodate as many ensembles as possible up to our limit – 60. The actual number of groups from each division to advance to Championships may vary, but we strive to take 50% of each division.

When will I know which day and time my ensemble will perform at semifinals and Championships?

Specific information about semifinals performance order will be made available as soon as possible once all regular season shows have completed. Championships performance information will be available the Monday after semifinals has completed.

The following guidelines are used to determine performance order at Semis and Champs:

  • Semifinals Performance order will be determined by your ensembles high score of the season which will be used to place your ensemble into a round.   Performance order in the round will be determined by paid registration date and director meeting attendance.  The earlier the paid registration date the later in the round.
  • Champs performance order will be reverse order of finish based on semifinals score.
Is there a mandatory director meeting at the conclusion of each division at semifinals?

No, there will be a webinar the Monday evening following semifinals.

At semifinals, will each division have the same panel of judges evaluating all of the ensembles in that division?

Yes. Rounds will alternate for each Division similar to the following:

  • Regional A, Round 1 – Judge Panel 1
  • Regional B, Round 1 – Judge Panel 2
  • Regional A, Round 2 – Judge Panel 1
  • Regional B Round 2 – Judge Panel 2, etc…
How will I learn of scores from each round at semis and whether or not my ensemble is advancing to Championships?

Scores will be available on the ADLA website after 2 or 3 rounds have completed for each division.

A complete of ensembles advancing to Finals for each division will also be available on the ADLA website.

How is my ensembles performance order determined for regular season events?

Performance order is determined by your paid registration date and whether you attended the Director/Instructor Pre-Season Meeting.

General FAQ

Are there video recordings from semifinals and finals available for purchase?

Sorry, No.

Can I or a parent video record my ensembles performance?

ADLA cannot give you or someone associated with your ensemble permission to record and/or distribute video or audio recordings of your ensemble’s performance at any time for any reason or purpose.

Other Questions?

Drop us an email to eventreg@myadla.org with as much information as possible and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.  Remember to include your name, mobile number, ensemble name and as much information in your email as possible.