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ADLA Mission Hills HS

Date: Mar 30, 2019

Venue:Mission Hills HS
Address:1 Mission Hills Ct
City, State Zip:San Marcos, CA 92069
Last Registration:Mar 15, 2019
Admission Info:Cash or Credit Card will be accepted

Director Packet

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Schedules are subject to change. 

For changes, cancellations, drops, etc, please email eventreg@myadla.org.

If your ensemble does not appear on the schedule, you were either not registered or we have not received payment.

Contact Information:

Events, Event Registration, New Ensembles, Ensemble Management: eventreg@myadla.org

General Information: info@myadla.org

General Contact Number (Text or Voice ): 714-512-2116

Campus and Gym Maps – PDF

Event Schedule

Ensemble Warmup Transit Pre-Stage Perform Time
Junior:Junior - Valley Center MS (CA) 9:30am10:35am10:45am 11:00am  
Novice:Novice - Rialto HS (CA) 9:40am10:45am10:55am 11:10am  
Novice:Novice - Fairfax HS (CA) 9:48am10:53am11:03am 11:18am  
Novice:Novice - Castle Park HS (CA) 9:56am11:01am11:11am 11:26am  
Novice:Novice - Mount Miguel HS (CA) 10:04am11:09am11:19am 11:34am  
-- Break - 10 mins --     11:42am  
Regional B:Regional B - North Torrance HS (CA) 10:22am11:27am11:37am 11:52am  
Regional B:Regional B - La Mirada HS (CA) 10:30am11:35am11:45am 12:00pm  
Regional B:Regional B - Fallbrook HS (CA) 10:38am11:43am11:53am 12:08pm  
Regional B:Regional B - El Capitan HS (CA) 10:46am11:51am12:01pm 12:16pm  
Regional B:Regional B - Loara HS (CA) 10:54am11:59am12:09pm 12:24pm  
Regional B:Regional B - Fullerton Union HS (CA) 11:02am12:07pm12:17pm 12:32pm  
Regional B:Regional B - Valley Center HS (CA) 11:10am12:15pm12:25pm 12:40pm  
-- Break - 15 mins --     12:48pm  
Regional B:Regional B - El Modena HS (CA) 11:33am12:38pm12:48pm 1:03pm  
Regional B:Regional B - Steele Canyon HS (CA) 11:41am12:46pm12:56pm 1:11pm  
Regional B:Regional B - Orange Coast Musical Arts (CA) 11:49am12:54pm1:04pm 1:19pm  
Regional B:Regional B - Montclair HS (CA) 11:57am1:02pm1:12pm 1:27pm  
Regional B:Regional B - Wilson HS (Long Beach, CA) 12:05pm1:10pm1:20pm 1:35pm  
Regional B:Regional B - Ramona HS (Ramona, CA) 12:13pm1:18pm1:28pm 1:43pm  
Regional B:Regional B - Costa Mesa HS (CA) 12:21pm1:26pm1:36pm 1:51pm  
-- Break - 15 mins --     1:59pm  
-- AM Awards - 15 mins --     2:14pm  
-- AM Critique and Break - 75 mins --     2:29pm  
Winds:Scholastic A:Winds:Sch A - Bolsa Grande Winds (CA)     3:44pm  
Winds:Independent A:Winds:Ind A - Opus Winds     3:54pm  
Scholastic Concert:Scholastic Concert - Del Norte HS Concert (CA) 2:34pm3:39pm3:49pm 4:04pm  
Regional A:Regional A - Mt. Carmel HS (CA) 2:44pm3:49pm3:59pm 4:14pm  
Regional A:Regional A - San Dimas HS (CA) 2:54pm3:59pm4:09pm 4:24pm  
Regional A:Regional A - Yucca Valley HS (CA) 3:04pm4:09pm4:19pm 4:34pm  
Regional A:Regional A - Oceanside HS (CA) 3:14pm4:19pm4:29pm 4:44pm  
Regional A:Regional A - Brea Olinda HS (CA) 3:24pm4:29pm4:39pm 4:54pm  
Regional A:Regional A - Del Norte HS (CA) 3:34pm4:39pm4:49pm 5:04pm  
Regional A:Regional A - Newport Harbor HS (CA) 3:44pm4:49pm4:59pm 5:14pm  
-- Break - 15 mins --     5:24pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Bolsa Grande HS (CA) 4:09pm5:14pm5:24pm 5:39pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - El Camino HS (Oceanside, CA) 4:19pm5:24pm5:34pm 5:49pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Helix Charter HS (CA) 4:29pm5:34pm5:44pm 5:59pm  
Independent A:Independent A - Cornerstone Percussion (CA) 4:39pm5:44pm5:54pm 6:09pm  
Scholastic Open:Scholastic Open - Eastlake HS (CA) 4:49pm5:54pm6:04pm 6:19pm  
-- Break - 15 mins --     6:29pm  
-- PM Awards - 15 mins --     6:44pm  
-- Break - 10 mins --     6:59pm  
-- Break - 15 mins --     7:09pm  

Schedule Last Updated: Mar 24, 2019 6:45:13 pm PDT

Judges Assigned

Music Steve Graves
Concert Music Steve Graves
Concert Artistry Mark Hammons
Visual Ryan Johnson
Eff Mus Mark Hammons
Eff Vis Joe Haworth
Timing & Penalty Sasha Stone
Timing & Penalty Rachel Casey
Starter Pat Costello
Tech Rachel Casey
Tech Sasha Stone
Show Coordinator Paul Casey (A)
Announcer Kelsey Weisenberger
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