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ADLA Nevada @ Desert Pines HS

Date: Mar 02, 2019

Venue:Desert Pines High School
Address:3800 E Harris Ave
City, State Zip:Las Vegas, NV 89110
Last Registration:Feb 22, 2019


Performance times will be later than normal due to a concert band festival earlier in the day.

Schedules are subject to change. 

For changes, cancellations, drops, etc, please email

If your ensemble does not appear on the schedule, you were either not registered or we have not received payment.

Contact Information:

Events, Event Registration, New Ensembles, Ensemble Management:

General Information:

General Contact Number (Text or Voice ): 714-512-2116

Campus and Gym Maps

Event Schedule

Ensemble Warmup Transit Pre-Stage Perform Time
Regional B:Regional B - Clark HS (NV) 5:00pm6:05pm6:15pm 6:30pm  
Regional B:Regional B - Western HS (NV) 5:08pm6:13pm6:23pm 6:38pm  
Regional A:Regional A - Basic HS (NV) 5:16pm6:21pm6:31pm 6:46pm  
Regional A:Regional A - Chaparral HS (NV) 5:26pm6:31pm6:41pm 6:56pm  
Regional A:Regional A - Desert Pines HS (NV) 5:36pm6:41pm6:51pm 7:06pm  
-- Break - 15 mins --     7:16pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Sierra Vista HS (NV) 6:01pm7:06pm7:16pm 7:31pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Spring Valley HS (NV) 6:11pm7:16pm7:26pm 7:41pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Arbor View HS (NV) 6:21pm7:26pm7:36pm 7:51pm  
Scholastic Open:Scholastic Open - Silverado HS (NV) 6:31pm7:36pm7:46pm 8:01pm  
Scholastic Open:Scholastic Open - Liberty HS (NV) 6:41pm7:46pm7:56pm 8:11pm  
Independent A:Independent A - Pasadena City College (CA) 6:51pm7:56pm8:06pm 8:21pm  
-- Break - 15 mins --     8:31pm  
-- ADLA Percussion Awards - 15 mins --     8:46pm  

Schedule Last Updated: Feb 17, 2019 5:43:51 pm PST

Judges Assigned

Music Mac Purdy
Visual Ryan H. Turner
Eff Mus Gary Wampler
Eff Vis Richard Kramer
Timing & Penalty Robin Love
Tech Ben Franke
Show Coordinator Ben Franke
Announcer Joshua Barrow

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