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ADLA Desert Pines HS

Date: Mar 17, 2018

Venue:Desert Pines High School
Address:3800 E Harris Ave
City, State Zip:Las Vegas, NV 89110
Last Registration:Mar 08, 2018


Percussion Gym, Campus, Timing, Warm-up, Floor Folding Maps



Ensemble Score Place
Cimarron-Memorial HS (NV) 60.20 1

Scholastic Concert

Ensemble Score Place
Durango HS (NV) 64.35 1

Scholastic A

Ensemble Score Place
Silverado HS (NV) 72.95 1
Chaparral HS (NV) 71.00 2
Coronado HS (NV) 70.50 3
Arbor View HS (NV) 70.00 4
Desert Oasis HS (NV) 69.80 5
Basic HS (NV) 57.35 6

Scholastic Open

Ensemble Score Place
Sierra Vista HS (NV) 78.25 1

Scholastic World

Ensemble Score Place
Foothill HS (NV) 76.00 1
Liberty HS (NV) 75.80 2

Independent World

Ensemble Score Place
Vegas Vanguard (NV) 79.95 1

Scholastic B

Ensemble Score Place
Orange Coast Musical Arts (CA) 71.35 1
Spring Valley HS (NV) 71.20 2
Desert Pines HS (NV) 68.95 3
Clark HS (NV) 61.25 4
Eldorado HS (NV) 60.75 5
Western HS (NV) 53.90 6
Canyon Springs HS (NV) 53.50 7

Judges Assigned

Music Aaron Hines
Concert Music Aaron Hines
Concert Artistry Phil Haines
Visual Scott Ruiz
Eff Mus Phil Haines
Eff Vis Steve Abrams
Timing & Penalty Robin Love
Tech Ben Franke
Show Coordinator David Henkel
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