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Huntington Beach HS (CA)

Division: Regional A

School:Huntington Beach HS
City, State:Huntington Beach, CA
Director:Gregg Gilboe
Staff:Gregg Gilboe/Director, Niko Jasniewicz/Staff, Alex Bostelman/Staff, Austin Floyd/Staff, Bryan Suzuki/Staff, Phill Cruse/Staff

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2019 Show Information

Show Title:The Four Seasons
Description:Inspired by landscape paintings by Italian artist, Marco Ricci, Vivaldi composed the Four Seasons roughly between 1720 and 1723. The Four Seasons (Le quattro stagioni) consists of four concerti (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter). This show explores our take on each season with a variety of moods and colors that keep the show engaging and exciting until the very end.

2019 Scheduled Performances

Feb 23 ADLA Westminster HS Westminster High School 65.20 - 5th
Mar 16 ADLA Marina HS Marina High School 68.30 - 4th
Apr 6 ADLA King HS King High School 78.00 - 4th
Apr 14 2019 Semi-Finals Day 2 Concert,Reg A,A,Open,World Colony High School 81.20 - 1st
Apr 27 2019 Percussion Championships Azusa Pacific University 85.70 - 3rd