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Riverside Poly HS (CA)

Division: Scholastic B

School:Riverside Poly HS
City, State:Riverside, CA
Director:Oscar Mooring
Staff:Warren Taylor/Staff, Patrick Daniel/Staff, Alex Alonso/Designer, Oscar Mooring/Director, Tate Kinsella/Staff, justin Page/Staff

2018 Show Information

Show Title:Look Away
Description:As technology and social media continue to expand and influence how we live our lives, many detach themselves from what our true, more primitive emotions are. Many disguise what one is true feeling for fear of being judged or ridiculed. A constant struggle of finding the correct way to express oneself through a photo or a phrase can lead one to feel stress, and anxiety. Now the camera is on you. How do you react? What face do you display? Do you put on a disguise, or let someone else define you? Or is it simply time to look away from the lens/screen and show who you truly are.

2018 Scheduled Performances

Mar 3 ADLA West Covina HS West Covina High School 56.25 - 12th
Mar 17 ADLA Aliso Niguel HS Aliso Niguel High School 72.08 - 5th
Mar 24 ADLA Cajon HS Cajon High School
Apr 14 2018 ADLA Semi-Finals Day 1 (Novice,B) King High School 73.45 - 6th