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Taft HS (CA)

Division: Regional A

School:Taft HS
City, State:Taft, CA
Director:Vic and Amanda Posey
Staff:Vic Posey/Director, Amanda Posey/Director

2019 Show Information

Show Title:Tesla's Tower
Description:This is the story of Nikola Tesla who was obsessed with giving free, wireless energy to the world. Along with many other inventions, he designed and built the Wardenclyffe Tower with funding from J.P. Morgan. After issues with metering the electrical current, Morgan pulled his funding and the towers were sold for scrap. Tesla died without realizing his dream and the world still does not have free, wireless energy.

2019 Scheduled Performances

Mar 2 ADLA West Covina HS West Covina High School
Mar 16 ADLA Marina HS Marina High School
Mar 23 ADLA Indian Springs HS Indian Springs High School
Apr 13 2019 Semi-Finals Day 1 (Novice,Reg B,Reg A,Jr) Colony High School