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Sultana HS (CA)

Division: Scholastic A

School:Sultana High School
City, State:Hesperia, CA
Director:Joe Costantino
Staff:Joe Costantino/Director, Alex Gray/Director, Laura Phelps/Staff, Kayla Shadel/Staff, Emir Alob/Staff, Bronson Gold/Staff, Michael Carlucci/Staff

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2019 Show Information

Show Title:The Accused
Description:Salem, Massachusetts. 1690s.

Over 200 people were accused of witchcraft throughout this colonial town. 19 of those accused were found guilty and executed by hanging.

But what if this mass hysteria was caused not by the community accusing the town outcasts of witchcraft.... by the witches themselves?

Sultana High School's 2019 Winter Percussion Program brings a chilling twist to the historical occurrences of 1690s Salem, and we invite the audience to question just who the real 'witches' of the time were.


2019 Scheduled Performances

Mar 2 ADLA West Covina HS West Covina High School 72.10 - 2nd
Mar 23 ADLA Indian Springs HS Indian Springs High School 76.45 - 1st
Apr 6 ADLA King HS King High School 81.65 - 4th
Apr 14 2019 Semi-Finals Day 2 Concert,Reg A,A,Open,World Colony High School 82.50 - 2nd
Apr 27 2019 Percussion Championships Azusa Pacific University 84.50 - 7th