Scholastic Enrollment and Eligibility Verification (SINGLE SCHOOL)


All Scholastic Ensembles will now be required to submit proof of student performer enrollment/eligibility no later than February 1.

I further understand if performers/students are added or removed from the ensemble during the season, I will submit/upload a new form as soon as possible prior to the ensembles next performance.

Use the form below to prepare the Single School Scholastic Eligibility Certification document for your Ensemble.  Complete the form, print and have signed by your school’s principal, then scan the signed form and upload to your Ensemble Profileunder the “SEASON” tab.

IMPORTANT: If there are students in your Ensemble from multiple schools, you *MUST* complete THIS FORM (Single School Form) AND Multiple School form for each school and respective student/performers.  The School Name on the Single School form will be the name the ensemble performs under.   The multiple school form will list the additional student performer names, principal, and school information of the additional schools.   The multiple school form must be signed by ALL school principals/administrators and included with you the Single School Scholastic Enrollment and Eligibility form.

See the rules for information regarding performer eligibility and divisional selection Sections 1.1 through 1.4.

On completion of the form and pressing ‘Submit’, a copy of the completed form and a PDF version of the document will be sent to the Director Email.

(Note: is a great way to merge multiple PDF documents into a single file for uploading.)