15 Freeway Closures

Significant Traffic and Closures are expected on the 15 Freeway between the 215 and 10 Freeways in Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga and Ontario.

Please plan accordingly and allow for extra travel time.   It is best to have an alternate route to the show site to avoid the closures.  However,  these alternate routes and detours will be VERY congested and lengthy.

The show will proceed as scheduled and unfortunately alternate performance times will not be permitted due to the size and number of ensembles scheduled to perform.

Click here for more information about the closures.

2017 Announcement Process/Script

Announcement Procedure
• Prior to the ensemble entering the floor to setup, the Timing and Penalty judge will announce the start of the interval time to you. During this time, music will be played through the PA system.
• As your ensemble is setting up, the Timing and Penalty judge will periodically announce the setup time to the director. The Timing and Penalty judge will also monitor the judges to be sure they are ready for the start of the performance. During this time, music will be played through the PA system.
• If at any time the judges are not ready, the interval time will be suspended and the ensemble will be notified of the suspension of the interval time by the Timing and Penalty judge.
• If the ensemble has any pre-show music, the house music will be faded out at the start of the pre-show music.  Please inform the T&P judge if pre-show music is used.
• When the ensemble is ready, the director will notify the Timing and Penalty judge and he/she will cue the announcer. The music will be faded out and the announcer will say:
Please welcome from (city and state/country), (name of ensemble).
Performing their program (program title), The American Drum Line Association is proud to present (name of ensemble).”
• At the conclusion of the performance, the announcer will say:
“(Name of ensemble) from (city and state/country), under the direction of (director’s name).”
Music will fade in as the ensemble leaves the floor.  Announcer will make no other announcements related to the ensemble.
• Ensembles must plan on this announcement as part of their interval time.

Classified Ads Available Now!

Looking to sell some lightly used equipment, a floor, props, or uniforms?   Looking to buy some lightly used equipment, props, a floor, or uniforms?

Check out our NEW Classifieds section to view ads or place an ad to sell something – you must be logged into to the site to place an ad.



Pacific Crest Experience Camp Scholarship

The American Drum Line Association (ADLA) is pleased to announce a new scholarship opportunity!

ADLA is offering two (2) scholarships to the 2016 Experience Camp brought to you by the Pacific Crest Youth Arts Organization.

To find out more information and to submit your application, click here.



2017 Season Passes

Happy New Year and thank you for your continued support of the activity and our Season Pass program.  We have some important information we’d like to pass along regarding our Season Pass program.
Pre-Sale Season Passes will be available online until January 31, 2017 at the discounted price of $45/pass.      After January 31, Season Passes may only be purchased at show sites and the price increases to $50/pass.  Hurry and get yours now before the price goes up.
Picking up your pass:   Bring your paper Ticketleap receipt with your name and barcode on it and present to the show site admission/ticket window in exchange for your Season Pass Badge.
Using you pass:   Using your pass is very easy.   Simply go to the admission/ticket window, show them your season pass badge, and they will give you a wristband.   Please note you must have a valid wristband to enter the event – the badge gets you the wristband.
Reminders:  Plan accordingly and give yourself enough time to get through the ticket/admission line – we don’t want you to miss your ensembles performance.  And remember, video recording is prohibited at all events.
Thank you for continued support of the activity.