Announcement Process Script and Information

Announcement Procedure – It is important you update your ensemble show and demographic information in advance of show day.  This will insure the correct information is announced.   Additionally, show information will be available to judges for their reference.
• Prior to the ensemble entering the floor to setup, the Timing and Penalty judge will announce the start of the interval time to you. During this time, music will be played through the PA system.
• As the ensemble is setting up, the Timing and Penalty judge will periodically announce the setup time to the director. The Timing and Penalty judge will also monitor the judges to be sure they are ready for the start of the performance. During this time, music will be played through the PA system.
• If at any time the judges are not ready, the interval time will be suspended and the ensemble will be notified of the suspension of the interval time by the Timing and Penalty judge.
• If the ensemble has any pre-show music, the house music will be faded out at the start of the pre-show music.  Please inform the T&P judge if pre-show music is to be used.
• When the ensemble is ready, the director will notify/queue the Timing and Penalty judge and he/she will cue the announcer. The music will be faded out and the announcer will say:
Please welcome from (city and state/country), (name of ensemble).
(Brief Pause / Audience Acknowledgment )
Performing their program (program title), The ADLA is proud to present (name of ensemble).”
• At the conclusion of the performance, the announcer will say:
“(Name of ensemble) from (city and state/country), under the direction of (director’s name).”  Music will fade in as the ensemble leaves the floor.  Announcer will make no other announcements related to the ensemble.
• Ensembles must plan on this announcement as part of their interval time.
Source:   2018 WGI Adjudication Manual

Forms, Publications, Rules, Sheets

All forms, publications, sheets, and rule books can be found in “Forms and Publications“.

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2018 Event Dates

We are please to announce the event schedule* for the 2018 ADLA and WCWA season.

Registration for percussion and winds ensembles will begin on October 9, 2017.

For additional information including how to register for events, take a look at the following – 2018 Event Registration Information.

Saturday, January 20 – SoCal Director/Instructor Meeting (ADLA and WCWA)

Saturday, February 3 – Orange Glen HS Eval Show #1 ( ADLA, WCWA and WGASC )
Saturday, February 10 – Las Vegas Area Eval Show ( ADLA and WGASC )
Saturday, February 10 – Azusa HS Eval Show #2 ( ADLA, WCWA and WGASC )
Saturday, February 17 – Ramona HS ( ADLA )
Friday, February 23 – Las Vegas Area  ( ADLA and WGASC )

Saturday, March 3 – West Covina HS ( ADLA )
Saturday, March 10 – Marina HS ( ADLA and WCWA )
Saturday, March 17 – Las Vegas Area ( ADLA and WGASC )
Saturday, March 17 – Aliso Niguel ( ADLA )
Saturday, March 24 – Las Vegas Area ( ADLA and WGASC )
Saturday, March 24 – Cajon HS ( ADLA )
Saturday, March 31 – Whittier HS ( ADLA and WCWA )

Saturday, April 7 – Mission Hills HS ( ADLA )
Sunday, April 8 – Ramona HS ( ADLA and WCWA )

2018 Southern Nevada Championships
Saturday, April 7 – Southern Nevada Championships  ( ADLA and WGASC )

2018 West Coast Winds Association (WCWA) Championships
Saturday, April 14 – West Coast Winds Championships at King HS

2018 ADLA Semi-Finals
Saturday, April 14 – 2018 ADLA Semi-Finals @ King HS Day 1 ( Novice, B )
Sunday, April 15 – 2018 ADLA Semi-Finals @ King HS Day 2 ( Jr, Concert, A, Open, World )

2018 ADLA Championships
Saturday, April  28 – Azusa Pacific University (APU)

LAUSD Annual Percussion Presentation – Date/Location TBD

Post Season Meeting – Date/Location TBD

*Dates and locations subject to change.  Dates and locations may be added or cancelled based on demand.  

2018 Event Registration Information

To all Directors, Instructors and Ensemble Managers:

2018 Event Registration for Winds and Percussion will begin Monday, October 9, 2017 at 10:00am.  To register your ensemble you will need an account and you must have the ensemble you are registering attached to your account.

Registration is open to all ensembles in all divisions – Percussion and Winds.

Southern Nevada/Las Vegas Area Event Registration will open as soon as locations are confirmed.  We will announce when registration for those events becomes available.

Registering New Ensembles or New Ensemble Managers
New ensembles, directors and ensemble managers will be required to create an account prior to registration.    First check to see if your ensemble is in our system by checking the ensemble profiles.   If you are new to an ensemble or school and need to change the directors or ensemble managers, use the same form as a new ensemble to create an account.    You may have up to 2 ensemble managers per ensemble.

“Winds” Ensembles will now register on this site.  You should create a new account  –  create an account

Returning Ensembles and Ensemble Managers.
If you have an account you should test your login before October 9 to make sure your information and your ensemble(s) information is correct and complete.  Contact us if you need assistance.

Click here for the 2018 Event Registration Fee Schedule.

Semi-Finals and Championship Qualifications for Percussion Ensembles

To qualify for Semi-Finals you must attend One (1) regular season show.  The deadline for Semi-Finals Registration is March 10.    

Percussion Championships will take place on a single day for all divisions.  The date/location of championships will be announced as soon as a site is confirmed.

Any questions feel free to contact us.


2018 Event Registration Opens on October 9, 2017 at 10:00am

Registration for 2018 Events will open on October 9, 2017 at 10:00am.