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2019 Event Schedule

2019 Event Dates

8th – 2019 Registration Opens
12th – SoCal PreSeason Meeting
TBD -Nevada/Las Vegas Area PreSeason Meeting
2nd SoCal – Eval/Classification/Clinic ( Percussion and Winds )
9th Nevada – Eval/Classification/Clinic
16th SoCal Area ( Percussion and Winds )
23rd SoCal Area
23rd Nevada/Las Vegas Area
2nd SoCal Area
2nd Nevada/Las Vegas Area
9th SoCal Area
16th SoCal Area ( Percussion and Winds )
16th Nevada/Las Vegas Area
23rd SoCal Area
30th SoCal Area ( Percussion and Winds )
30th Nevada/Las Vegas Area Championships
6th SoCal Area ( Percussion and Winds )
13th SoCal Semis
14th SoCal Semis
27th ADLA Champs at APU
LAUSD Percussion Showcase/Clinic/Day of Percussion – TBD
SoNev Post Season Meeting – TBD
SoCal Post Season Meeting – TBD

All dates and locations are subject to change.

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