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2018 Event Registration Opens on October 9, 2017 at 11:00am

Registration for 2018 Events will open on October 9, 2017 at 11:00am.

Full TAMA battery for sale

Santiago High School in Corona is selling their full line of TAMA drums. The finish is “Dark Stardust Fade” and were purchased October 2015. Drums are in great condition and have only seen one real year of use. The numbers are as follows:

8- 14×12 Snares that include harness, stand, case and cover
5- 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14 Tenors that include harness, stand, case and cover
6- 16, 18, 20, 24, 28, 30 Bass Drums that include harness, stand, case, cover and rim savers (internal muffling has also already been installed)

All drums will come with already installed used Remo heads

Price starts at $21,000 but there is room for negotiation. If you would like pictures or other information please direct all inquiries to Brandon Fox at

Contact: Brandon Fox
Ensemble: Santiago High School

12 Rose Props for Sale

Ramona HS is selling their 2016 Rose props. There are 12 flowers total (1 large red- 5 medium burgundy -6 small pink). All have a wooden base and metal frames, and are wrapped in fabric which can be removed. Pedals can be removed from the frame for transport and storage.
If interested please contact me for more pictures or details –

$1,600 for the entire set of 12
$250 for the large
$150 for each of the mediums
$100 for each of the smalls

Local pickup preferred.

Battery Instruments for Sale

The Foothill HS Band Boosters are selling our full contingency of marching drum line battery instruments:

7 TAMA Marching Snare Drums 14” x 12” deep
4 sets of TAMA Marching Tenor Drums; Sizes 6-6-10-12-13-14
6 TAMA Marching Bass Drums; Sizes 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, 24”, and 26”

These drums are made from a Birch/Bubinga wood combination with the Molten Carmel Color Lacquer Finish. They all come complete with covers for the drums, fully adjustable Silver Armor carrier systems, and fully adjustable stands for all drums. The bass drums come with the bass drum hoop guards and are pre-foamed for all drums. These drums are only 2 years old and are in excellent condition! They could last another 8 years! Price is $12,000 for everything, approximately 75% off list price! Plus some additional bonus BRAND NEW Remo Drumheads!
Inquiries and question can be made to Adam Steff at Foothill HS –×1200-1273222.jpeg&form-id=14&field-id=8&hash=8c2c46e5f22d62577f06da04c0d2a2656a16b77aae4fe6bd56b2369e70f2ce03



Chaminade College Preparatory (West Hills, CA) is seeking a Battery Instructor for the Winter season and the marching season and beyond. Seeking someone with successful indoor experience.  During the Winter season, the Drumline rehearses Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6-9. During the fall, the line meets from 8-9:30 2-3 times per week and Wednesday evenings.  The Battery Instructor coordinates the preparations, exercises and activities of the school’s marching drumline in addition to planning and co-directing the Winter Drumline program. The instructor prepares and directs the unit for performance and competition, as well as for performances integrated within the larger marching band.

Prior teaching experience is preferred. Salary will be determined based upon experience and available hours. All prospective applicants please email your resume to . Please email any questions! Interviews will be scheduled with qualified candidates. Thank you!