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Percussion Whittier HS

March 31


Show Notes

Ensemble Pre-Stage Perform Time
-- AM Show --   9:00am  
Junior:Junior - Marian Alliance (CA) 8:45am 9:00am  
Junior:Junior - Ross Academy MS (CA) 8:55am 9:10am  
Junior:Junior - Lexington JHS (CA) 9:05am 9:20am  
Novice:Novice - James Monroe HS (CA) 9:15am 9:30am  
Novice:Novice - Fairfax HS (CA) 9:25am 9:40am  
Novice:Novice - Escondido HS (CA) 9:35am 9:50am  
Novice:Novice - Fullerton Union HS (CA) 9:45am 10:00am  
-- Break - 15 mins --   10:10am  
Novice:Novice - Rancho Alamitos HS (CA) 10:10am 10:25am  
Novice:Novice - Montclair HS (CA) 10:20am 10:35am  
Novice:Novice - San Jacinto Valley Academy (CA) 10:30am 10:45am  
Novice:Novice - Sonora HS (CA) 10:40am 10:55am  
Novice:Novice - St. Paul HS (CA) 10:50am 11:05am  
-- Break - 15 mins --   11:15am  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - North Torrance HS (CA) 11:15am 11:30am  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - Magnolia HS (CA) 11:25am 11:40am  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - Highland HS (CA) 11:35am 11:50am  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - Canyon Springs HS (CA) 11:45am 12:00pm  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - Bishop Alemany HS (CA) 11:55am 12:10pm  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - Katella HS (CA) 12:05pm 12:20pm  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - Orange Coast Musical Arts (CA) 12:15pm 12:30pm  
-- Break - 15 mins --   12:40pm  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - Laguna Beach HS (CA) 12:40pm 12:55pm  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - Garden Grove HS (CA) 12:50pm 1:05pm  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - Pasadena HS (CA) 1:00pm 1:15pm  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - Taft HS (CA) 1:10pm 1:25pm  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - Troy HS (CA) 1:20pm 1:35pm  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - St. John Bosco HS (CA) 1:30pm 1:45pm  
-- Break - 15 mins --   1:55pm  
-- AM Awards - 15 mins --   2:10pm  
-- AM Critique --   2:25pm  
-- Break - 120 mins --   2:25pm  
-- PM Show --   4:25pm  
Winds:Scholastic A:Winds:Sch A - Eisenhower HS (CA) 4:10pm 4:25pm  
Winds:Scholastic A:Winds:Sch A - Whittier Winds (CA) 4:20pm 4:35pm  
Winds:Scholastic A:Winds:Sch A - Gardena HS (CA) 4:30pm 4:45pm  
Winds:Scholastic A:Winds:Sch A - Rosemead HS (CA) 4:40pm 4:55pm  
Scholastic A Concert:Scholastic Concert - King HS Concert (CA) 4:50pm 5:05pm  
Scholastic A Concert:Scholastic Concert - Loara HS (CA) 5:00pm 5:15pm  
Scholastic A Concert:Scholastic Concert - Charter Oak HS (CA) 5:10pm 5:25pm  
Scholastic A Concert:Scholastic Concert - A.B. Miller HS (CA) 5:20pm 5:35pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Corona HS (CA) 5:30pm 5:45pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - El Rancho HS (CA) 5:40pm 5:55pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - La Habra HS (CA) 5:50pm 6:05pm  
-- Break - 15 mins --   6:15pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Golden Valley HS (Santa Clarita, CA) 6:15pm 6:30pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Helix Charter HS (CA) 6:25pm 6:40pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - West Covina HS (CA) 6:35pm 6:50pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Brea Olinda HS (CA) 6:45pm 7:00pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Edison HS (CA) 6:55pm 7:10pm  
Scholastic Open:Scholastic Open - Los Amigos HS (CA) 7:05pm 7:20pm  
Scholastic Open:Scholastic Open - Mira Costa HS (CA) 7:15pm 7:30pm  
Independent World:Independent World - Watchmen Percussion (CA) 7:25pm 7:40pm  
-- Break - 15 mins --   7:51pm  
-- PM Awards - 15 mins --   8:06pm  
-- PM Critique --   8:21pm  

Schedule Last Updated: Mar 18, 2018 8:05:56 am PDT

Judges Assigned

Music Andy Bill
Concert Music Andy Bill
Concert Artistry Lorne Reid
Visual Robert Hahn
Eff Mus Lorne Reid
Eff Vis Al Nelson
Timing & Penalty Rachel Casey
Starter Pat Costello
Tech James Johnston
Show Coordinator Paul Casey (A)


March 31
Event Category:


Whittier High School
12417 Philadelphia St
Whittier, CA 90601

Percussion | Winds Calendar
Locations, Dates and Times are subject to change.