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Percussion Mission Hills HS

April 7


Show Notes

Ensemble Pre-Stage Perform Time
-- AM Show --   9:00am  
Junior:Junior - Valley Center MS (CA) 8:45am 9:00am  
Junior:Junior - Ross Academy MS (CA) 8:55am 9:10am  
Junior:Junior - Nobel MS (CA) 9:05am 9:20am  
Novice:Novice - Escondido HS (CA) 9:15am 9:30am  
Novice:Novice - Olympian HS JV (CA) 9:25am 9:40am  
Novice:Novice - Valley Center HS (CA) 9:35am 9:50am  
Novice:Novice - Ocean View HS (CA) 9:45am 10:00am  
Novice:Novice - Montclair HS (CA) 9:55am 10:10am  
Novice:Novice - Millikan HS (CA) 10:05am 10:20am  
-- Break - 15 mins --   10:30am  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - North Torrance HS (CA) 10:30am 10:45am  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - Fallbrook HS (CA) 10:40am 10:55am  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - University City HS (CA) 10:50am 11:05am  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - West Hills HS (CA) 11:00am 11:15am  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - El Modena HS (CA) 11:10am 11:25am  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - Santa Barbara HS (CA) 11:20am 11:35am  
-- Break - 35 mins --   11:45am  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - Point Loma HS (CA) 12:05pm 12:20pm  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - Bolsa Grande HS (CA) 12:15pm 12:30pm  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - Chula Vista HS (CA) 12:25pm 12:40pm  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - Costa Mesa HS (CA) 12:35pm 12:50pm  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - Marina HS (CA) 12:45pm 1:00pm  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - Huntington Beach HS (CA) 12:55pm 1:10pm  
Scholastic B:Scholastic B - St. John Bosco HS (CA) 1:05pm 1:20pm  
-- Break - 15 mins --   1:30pm  
-- Awards - 15 mins --   1:45pm  
-- Break - 120 mins --   2:00pm  
-- PM Show --   4:00pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Dos Pueblos HS (CA) 3:45pm 4:00pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Dana Hills HS (CA) 3:55pm 4:10pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Eastlake HS (CA) 4:05pm 4:20pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Olympian HS (CA) 4:15pm 4:30pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Helix Charter HS (CA) 4:25pm 4:40pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Patrick Henry HS (CA) 4:35pm 4:50pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Oceanside HS (CA) 4:45pm 5:00pm  
-- Break - 35 mins --   5:10pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - West Covina HS (CA) 5:30pm 5:45pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Newport Harbor HS (CA) 5:40pm 5:55pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - San Dimas HS (CA) 5:50pm 6:05pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - San Clemente HS (CA) 6:00pm 6:15pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Mission Hills HS (CA) 6:10pm 6:25pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Brea Olinda HS (CA) 6:20pm 6:35pm  
Scholastic Open:Scholastic Open - El Camino HS (Oceanside, CA) 6:30pm 6:45pm  
Scholastic Open:Scholastic Open - Rancho Buena Vista HS (CA) 6:40pm 6:55pm  
Independent Open:Independent Open - Cornerstone Percussion (CA) 6:50pm 7:05pm  
-- Break - 15 mins --   7:15pm  
-- Awards - 15 mins --   7:30pm  

Schedule Last Updated: Mar 21, 2018 4:25:22 pm PDT

Judges Assigned

Music Michael Lloyd
Concert Music Michael Lloyd
Concert Artistry Gary Wampler
Visual Arwen Hernandez
Eff Mus Gary Wampler
Eff Vis Paul Auster
Timing & Penalty Robert Gibson
Starter Pat Costello
Tech Karen Panganiban
Show Coordinator Dan Gervais


April 7
Event Category:


Mission Hills High School
1 Mission Hills Ct
San Marcos, CA 92069

Percussion | Winds Calendar
Locations, Dates and Times are subject to change.