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2019 Percussion Championships @ APU

April 27


Show Notes

Credit cards accepted for admission and concessions.
Admission is $22/person.  5 and under no charge.
No charge for parking.

Pre-Purchase Tickets Online through the APU Box Office

2019 Raffle Information

Schedules are subject to change. 

Final Schedule for Championships will be available April 16.

For changes, cancellations, drops, etc, please email eventreg@myadla.org.

If your ensemble does not appear on the schedule, you were either not registered or we have not received payment.

Contact Information:

Events, Event Registration, New Ensembles, Ensemble Management: eventreg@myadla.org

General Information: info@myadla.org

General Contact Number (Text or Voice ): 714-512-2116

Campus and Gym Maps

Ensemble Warmup Transit Pre-Stage Perform Time
Novice:Novice - Charter Oak HS (CA) 7:30am8:35am8:45am 9:00am  
Novice:Novice - Godinez Fundamental HS (CA) 7:39am8:44am8:54am 9:09am  
Novice:Novice - Jurupa Valley HS (CA) 7:48am8:53am9:03am 9:18am  
Novice:Novice - Rancho Alamitos HS (CA) 7:57am9:02am9:12am 9:27am  
Regional B:Regional B - Citrus Hill HS (CA) 8:06am9:11am9:21am 9:36am  
Regional B:Regional B - La Mirada HS (CA) 8:15am9:20am9:30am 9:45am  
Regional B:Regional B - Loara HS (CA) 8:24am9:29am9:39am 9:54am  
-- Break - 10 mins --     10:03am  
Regional B:Regional B - Verdugo Hills HS (CA) 8:43am9:48am9:58am 10:13am  
Regional B:Regional B - University City HS (CA) 8:52am9:57am10:07am 10:22am  
Regional B:Regional B - John F. Kennedy HS (La Palma, CA) 9:01am10:06am10:16am 10:31am  
Regional B:Regional B - Edison HS (CA) 9:10am10:15am10:25am 10:40am  
Regional B:Regional B - Orange Coast Musical Arts (CA) 9:19am10:24am10:34am 10:49am  
Regional B:Regional B - Costa Mesa HS (CA) 9:28am10:33am10:43am 10:58am  
Regional B:Regional B - Ramona HS (Ramona, CA) 9:37am10:42am10:52am 11:07am  
-- Break - 10 mins --     11:16am  
Regional B:Regional B - Wilson HS (Long Beach, CA) 9:56am11:01am11:11am 11:26am  
Regional B:Regional B - Tustin HS (CA) 10:05am11:10am11:20am 11:35am  
Regional B:Regional B - El Modena HS (CA) 10:14am11:19am11:29am 11:44am  
Regional B:Regional B - El Camino Real Charter HS (CA) 10:23am11:28am11:38am 11:53am  
Regional B:Regional B - Troy HS (CA) 10:32am11:37am11:47am 12:02pm  
Regional B:Regional B - Garden Grove HS (CA) 10:41am11:46am11:56am 12:11pm  
Regional B:Regional B - Montclair HS (CA) 10:50am11:55am12:05pm 12:20pm  
-- Break - 10 mins --     12:29pm  
Junior Concert:Junior Concert - March MS (CA) 11:09am12:14pm12:24pm 12:39pm  
Junior Concert:Junior Concert - Marian Alliance (CA) 11:19am12:24pm12:34pm 12:49pm  
Scholastic Concert:Scholastic Concert - Tustin HS Concert (CA) 11:29am12:34pm12:44pm 12:59pm  
Scholastic Concert:Scholastic Concert - Colony HS (CA) 11:39am12:44pm12:54pm 1:09pm  
Scholastic Concert:Scholastic Concert - Del Norte HS Concert (CA) 11:49am12:54pm1:04pm 1:19pm  
Scholastic Concert:Scholastic Concert - Los Altos HS (CA) 11:59am1:04pm1:14pm 1:29pm  
-- Break - 10 mins --     1:39pm  
Junior:Junior - Isaac Sowers MS (CA) 12:19pm1:24pm1:34pm 1:49pm  
Junior:Junior - Valley Center MS (CA) 12:29pm1:34pm1:44pm 1:59pm  
Junior:Junior - Lexington JHS (CA) 12:39pm1:44pm1:54pm 2:09pm  
Junior:Junior - Nobel MS (CA) 12:49pm1:54pm2:04pm 2:19pm  
Junior:Junior - Rancho-Starbuck IS (CA) 12:59pm2:04pm2:14pm 2:29pm  
Utility:Junior Advanced - Jurupa MS (CA) 1:09pm2:14pm2:24pm 2:39pm  
Utility:Junior Advanced - Palm Desert Charter MS (CA) 1:19pm2:24pm2:34pm 2:49pm  
Utility:Junior Advanced - Chavez MS (CA) 1:29pm2:34pm2:44pm 2:59pm  
-- Break - 10 mins --     3:09pm  
Scholastic Open:Scholastic Open - King HS (CA) 1:49pm2:54pm3:04pm 3:19pm  
Scholastic Open:Scholastic Open - Mira Costa HS (CA) 1:59pm3:04pm3:14pm 3:29pm  
-- Awards - 30 mins --     3:39pm  
-- Break - 40 mins --     4:09pm  
Regional A:Regional A - Taft HS (CA) 3:19pm4:24pm4:34pm 4:49pm  
Regional A:Regional A - Centennial HS (CA) 3:29pm4:34pm4:44pm 4:59pm  
Regional A:Regional A - Tesoro HS (CA) 3:39pm4:44pm4:54pm 5:09pm  
Regional A:Regional A - Millikan HS (CA) 3:49pm4:54pm5:04pm 5:19pm  
Regional A:Regional A - Newport Harbor HS (CA) 3:59pm5:04pm5:14pm 5:29pm  
Regional A:Regional A - Mt. Carmel HS (CA) 4:09pm5:14pm5:24pm 5:39pm  
-- Break - 10 mins --     5:49pm  
Regional A:Regional A - Fallbrook HS (CA) 4:29pm5:34pm5:44pm 5:59pm  
Regional A:Regional A - San Dimas HS (CA) 4:39pm5:44pm5:54pm 6:09pm  
Regional A:Regional A - Brea Olinda HS (CA) 4:49pm5:54pm6:04pm 6:19pm  
Regional A:Regional A - Huntington Beach HS (CA) 4:59pm6:04pm6:14pm 6:29pm  
Regional A:Regional A - West Covina HS (CA) 5:09pm6:14pm6:24pm 6:39pm  
-- Break - 10 mins --     6:49pm  
Independent A:Independent A - Incognito Percussion (CA) 5:29pm6:34pm6:44pm 6:59pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Marina HS (CA) 5:39pm6:44pm6:54pm 7:09pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - La Habra HS (CA) 5:49pm6:54pm7:04pm 7:19pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Ramona HS (Riverside, CA) 5:59pm7:04pm7:14pm 7:29pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Bolsa Grande HS (CA) 6:09pm7:14pm7:24pm 7:39pm  
-- Break - 10 mins --     7:49pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Sultana HS (CA) 6:29pm7:34pm7:44pm 7:59pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - SB Percussion (CA) 6:39pm7:44pm7:54pm 8:09pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Rancho Buena Vista HS (CA) 6:49pm7:54pm8:04pm 8:19pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - Helix Charter HS (CA) 6:59pm8:04pm8:14pm 8:29pm  
Scholastic A:Scholastic A - El Camino HS (Oceanside, CA) 7:09pm8:14pm8:24pm 8:39pm  
Scholastic Open:Scholastic Open - Eastlake HS (CA) 7:19pm8:24pm8:34pm 8:49pm  
-- Break - 10 mins --     8:59pm  
-- Awards - 30 mins --     9:09pm  

Schedule Last Updated: Apr 21, 2019 9:20:36 pm PDT

Judges Assigned

Music Richard Gordon
Music Pete Sapadin
Concert Music Richard Gordon
Concert Artistry Dan Bryan
Visual Carl Nelson
Visual Robert Hahn
Eff Mus Phil Haines
Eff Mus Dan Bryan
Eff Vis Ed Martinez
Eff Vis Arwen Hernandez
Timing & Penalty Sasha Stone
Timing & Penalty Rachel Casey
Starter Pat Costello
Tech James Johnston
Show Coordinator David Henkel
Show Coordinator Paul Casey (A)
Announcer Kelsey Weisenberger


April 27
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Azusa Pacific University Felix Event Center
701 E Foothill Blvd
Azusa, CA 91702

Locations, Dates and Times are subject to change.