Battery Instruments for Sale

The Foothill HS Band Boosters are selling our full contingency of marching drum line battery instruments:

7 TAMA Marching Snare Drums 14” x 12” deep
4 sets of TAMA Marching Tenor Drums; Sizes 6-6-10-12-13-14
6 TAMA Marching Bass Drums; Sizes 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, 24”, and 26”

These drums are made from a Birch/Bubinga wood combination with the Molten Carmel Color Lacquer Finish. They all come complete with covers for the drums, fully adjustable Silver Armor carrier systems, and fully adjustable stands for all drums. The bass drums come with the bass drum hoop guards and are pre-foamed for all drums. These drums are only 2 years old and are in excellent condition! They could last another 8 years! Price is $12,000 for everything, approximately 75% off list price! Plus some additional bonus BRAND NEW Remo Drumheads!
Inquiries and question can be made to Adam Steff at Foothill HS –×1200-1273222.jpeg&form-id=14&field-id=8&hash=8c2c46e5f22d62577f06da04c0d2a2656a16b77aae4fe6bd56b2369e70f2ce03